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Sile-max  w/ L-buchneri

  • Contains four strains of specifically selected bacteria to drive and maximize protection and reduce dry matter

  • With the addition of L-Buchneri and acetic acid producing bacteria to promote bunk feed-out stability

  • Enzymes to improve digestibility

  • Stimulants to increase and promote rapid bacteria growth

Organic Alternative Available!


Rumen charger "hr"

  • Minimize the impact of heat stress on your herd

  • Bunk Stabilizer-prevents reheating of bunk during during times of heat of feeding non-fully fermented forages

  • Improved rumen function and improved feed efficiency

  • Maintains dry matter intake during times of high THI

  • Minimizes impact of heat stress on components and milk flow

  • Improves disease resistance to E. coli and salmonella

  • Wild yeast inhibitor and mycotoxin shedding characteristics

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