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Lagoon Fresh™ Manure Digestant

  • Dramatically reduces the level of volatile fatty acids, reducing noxious odors  

  • Contains a powerful blend of scientifically selected live Bacillus bacteria and natural enzymes that thrive in dairy waste, providing accelerated decomposition


Vertex™ Silicone Liner

  • Offers two comparatively light weighted versions with options of vented and non-vented liners

  • Milking Performance, Comfort, and Ergonomics Parameters are of primary considerations

  • Increased Milk Volume Collected per cow without changes in Machine-on-Time indicates more efficient stimulation and oxytocin release, reflecting an increase in total herd volume of milk collected.

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Sile-Max™ and Sile-Max Prime™

  • Specific bacterial species were chosen to rapidly drop pH and eliminate bunk heating caused by yeast and mold

  • Contains four strains of specifically selected bacteria to drive and maximize protection and reduce dry matter loss

  • With the addition of L-Buchneri an acetic acid producing bacteria to promote bunk feed out stability

  • Enzymes to improve digestibility

  • Stimulants to increase and promote rapid bacteria growth


Duet™ Chlorine Dioxide Teat Dip

  • NPE Free

  • A concentrated Chlorine Dioxide Sanitizing pre/post-milking teat dip

  • A highly effective germicidal non-iodine formulation containing dual emollients for enhanced skin conditioning

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