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Job Description

Job Description


“Winning by Serving” is our vision.  Excellent customer service and employee teamwork is how we will win as a company.
Overall job description is to support the sales of IBA and ADS through warehouse administration. You will report to the Operations Manager.



1. Abide by our principles of: Honesty, Integrity, Quality and Professionalism
2.    Manage and develop warehouse team to perform and increase efficiencies
3.    Inventory Control
      a.    Coordinate daily loading of Route Trailers
            i.    AM load outs
            ii.    Daily restocking
      b.    Develop proficiency to manage stock levels in warehouse
            i.    Organization
            ii.    Cleanliness
            iii.    Receiving
            iv.    Returns
      c.    Oversee the stock levels of products that we transfer to barrels.
      d.    Assist in Periodic Truck Inventories
4.    Oversee stock levels and ensure accuracy of mixed teat dips. 
      a.    Communicating with Route and Bulk Delivery drivers
      b.    Daily Inventory
      c.    Mixing Batches of dip
5.    Oversee the overall cleanliness and order of the warehouse
6.    Oversee the process to Clean and Refill inflations
7.    Learn Ordering process to serve as a back up to the Logistics manager for this function
8.    Coordinate “Hot-Shot” deliveries to dairies and service techs as needed
9.    Assist in shipping and receiving
10.    Hours generally 7:30 to 5:00 Monday – Friday
11.    Maintain a clean driving record
12.    On supply call one weekend out of approximately 3-6 (Frequency TBD)


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