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A Note about Cell Phone Usage

To Our Valued Dairy Customers,

We want to take this opportunity to share a significant development in our ability to provide the quality customer service that you have come to expect from Advanced Dairy Service and Dairy Depot.

As you know, and have experienced, the use and effectiveness of portable mobile devices has become ubiquitous in our society. We have decided to leverage the technology available to us in the mobile communications arena, and our service technicians and route drivers are using multiple mobile applications to increase and streamline our internal and external communications.

As such, you will probably see (or have seen) our team members “on their phones” during the course of their day. We understand that this can be somewhat puzzling to see a person using their phone while doing work for you at your dairy. At these times, our team is using the technology to request parts, research solutions, access Service and Parts Manuals and record the work they have completed. Additionally, service technicians will ask for your signature on the phone screens, in lieu of signing a paper copy of an invoice.

In keeping with our commitment to provide quality customer service we will continue to find the best and most effective ways to communicate and bring solutions to you and your dairy’s team. As always, please feel free to ask our team members, in the field or in the office, any questions you may have about this letter or anything our team is doing on your dairy.

Additionally, we have had a number of customers request specific emails for “Work Performed” documents and other emails for “Invoices,” We are currently working on solutions to accomplish this. If you can do a “Group” email on your end if you want either of these to go to multiple email addresses this would help us out. Please contact Matt or Joanna if you would like help with this.

I know you have options when it comes to who you choose to provide service and supplies to your dairy, and I want to thank you for the opportunity to provide these to you.


Rudy Vanderwal


IBA Dairy Depot/Advanced Dairy Service

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