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IBA/ADS Becomes an Authorized Afimilk Dealer

We are announcing a new partnership with Afimilk, Ltd., an industry leader in dairy automation technology. IBA/ADS officially became an authorized Afimilk dealer with the goal of developing a true industry partnership in order to provide dealers in Colorado, Kansas, and Wyoming with best-in-class technology.

“We chose to partner with Afimilk because we wanted a collaborative partner with the personnel dedicated to ensuring the products and support we offer our customers are second to none,” said General Manager, Troy Anderson. “The Afimilk team has already proven to be proactive in their delivery of efficient solutions.”

Afimilk is a global dairy technology company that designs herd management software and products to help dairies increase their performance and profitability, and allow thousands of cows to be managed on an individual level. By tracking and then analyzing cow activity and milk production, Afimilk can tell you

what’s happening with your cows and your milk, alerts you if there’s a problem with a cow, and even pinpoints what the problem is so it can be managed quicker and easier.

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