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IBA/ADS Announce New Partnership with Valmetal!

IBA Dairy Depot/Advanced Dairy Service today is proud to announce its expanded partnership with Valmetal through an enhanced Dealer partnership. This will help add to the Best-in-Class solutions we provide to over 100 dairies in Colorado and Western Kansas.

Dairy Depot and Advanced Dairy Service will utilize Valmetal Solutions to help solve multiple challenges America’s dairy farmers face in today’s ever-changing environment. Valmetal's extensive offerings provide solutions in: Manure Handling: with Sloped Screens Separators, Auger/Screw Presses, Agitator Pumps, Floating Pumps, Flush Valves, Conveyors, and Manure Spreaders. We will also have new options in feeding such as feed-pushing robotic units.

Dairy Depot was incorporated on 2001 in LaSalle, Colorado. In response to local demand for more dairy service options, Advance Dairy Service, Inc. (ADS) was incorporated on February 15, 2008. In the spring of 2020, we developed our combined Vision and Mission Statement for Dairy Depot and ADS. We also upgraded our fleet and rebranded, custom building two new delivery trailers. As we look forward to the future, we have expanded into the Southwest Kansas market, with multiple vendor partnerships, including Valmetal.

If you are interested in manure solutions, please contact Ben Tice: 970-451-1246

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