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Announcing Partnership with Waikato Milking Systems!

IBA Dairy Depot and Advanced Dairy Service -- Colorado’s Premier dairy supply and service provider -- today announces its expanded partnership with Waikato Milking Systems. Waikato is committed to solving the challenges dairy farmers face every day with some of the world’s most innovative and technologically advanced dairy solutions. Through an enhanced Dealer partnership, Dairy Depot and Advanced Dairy Service will continue to provide Best-in-Class solutions to over 100 dairies in the Colorado and Western Kansas Markets.

Dairy Depot and Advanced Dairy Service will utilize Waikato Milking Systems Solutions to help solve the challenges America’s dairy farmers face in today’s ever-changing environment. Waikato’s extensive offerings provide solutions in: Labor Saving and Productivity, Nutrition and Feed, Cow Health, Mating and Fertility, Milk Production & Udder Health, and Enhanced Milk Quality & Milk Cooling.

Originally announced on August 1, 2022.

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