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IBA National Sales Meeting 2022

This August, IBA Dairy Supplies hosted their National Sales Meeting in Boston, Massachusetts.

Held every ten years, this meeting gives IBA distributors and vendors an opportunity to learn, network, and show appreciation for excellence. Over 400 distributorship leaders and their families enjoyed a worship service, several speeches from renowned leaders, a banquet, and charity auctions.

Our meeting also included several awards ceremonies to commemorate outstanding achievements in sales and/or length of service.

During these ceremonies, five of our very own received recognition:

Ben Tice, our forage salesman, received a Two-Star Sales Award! We owe much to him for his persistent service to our customers!

Aaron Ruder, one of our route salesmen, received a Sixteen-Star Sales Award! We are indebted to him for his hard work serving our customers so well!

Alan Sloan, our faithful bookkeeper, received an award for twenty years of service to IBA. We are very thankful for his dedication to manage our finances with excellence and integrity for our employees, customers, and vendors!

Rudy and Stacie Vanderwal, our president and his wife, received an award for twenty-five years of service to IBA. We are grateful for Rudy’s enduring commitment to serve his employees and customers well, as well as Stacie’s support and integral involvement in the billing side of our business.

Frank and Ellen Vanderwal, Rudy's parents, as well as a few other employees from Star City IBA in Michigan, also received awards for their contribution to IBA and its customers.

August’s meeting also included two tours: one to IBA’s brand-new facility in Sutton and another to Webco Chemical in Dudley. We enjoyed exploring their facilities, hearing some of their history, and watching how they operate. Those tours boosted our confidence in our vendors’ work, which trickles down into top-quality supplies for our customers.

If you interact with Ben, Aaron, Alan, Rudy, or Stacie, please congratulate and thank them for their diligent work. We help dairy farms feed the world, and we do that better thanks to our hard-working, honest people!

Thank you once again for your hard work on your farms. Our business, and the agricultural industry as a whole, would not function without you.


Your Dairy Supply & Service Team

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