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New Frontiers: Kansas

Dairy Depot and Advanced Dairy Service now has a fully-functioning branch in Kansas!

We are excited to announce that we have expanded to the great state of Kansas! Dairy Depot and Advanced Dairy Service - Kansas began operations earlier this month.

Steve Hall is leading the charge as General Manager of the new region’s operations alongside his talented team, including Keenan Foley and Wendy Lucas.

Rudy Vanderwal, President of both regions, says,

"The Southwest Kansas dairy farms have been on our radar for over 20 years. The fact that the central hub of Garden City is 5 hours from Evans makes it just close enough to be a great satellite location. But, it’s just far enough that we knew we would need to hire a General Manager and other employees to live and work in SW Kansas. Finding Steve Hall (from Dodge City), Keenan Foley (with family in Syracuse), and Wendy Lucas (from Garden City) made this plan become a reality. We are very blessed and excited to bring a new level of Honesty, Integrity, Quality, and Professionalism to the SW Kansas dairy producers. We will continue to add Service and Supply personnel to keep up with the 24/7 demands of some of the largest dairies in the western US. We will be bringing with us our vendor relationships, including Boumatic, IBA, and many more. Please check out the rest of our services, parts, and supplies on our website:"

Steve Hall, General Manager of the Kansas region, says,

"My overall goal for the Kansas Division is to become the most trusted and reliable provider of dairy supplies and service in our area. I believe that by following our company's core values of Honesty, Integrity, Quality, and Professionalism, and being supported by our already successful Colorado business, we can achieve this goal."

Our team looks forward to serving this new region for years to come! Visit our About page for more information about our companies.

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